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It's Harvest's Eve, and the humans are invading! But don't eat them, as tempted as you may be... Scare the humans out of your lair with out harming them, and the boss will be pleased! But be vigilant... Theses caves are full of all sorts of trickery...

Also... don't throw bombs at children?
The chicken is safe now. The chicken can not harm you.


  • 2 hours of EXCITING HEART RACING ACTION. (please ask your doctor if this is 2 spooky 4 U)
  • Surprising twists to classic RPG Maker features
  • BEAUTIFUL custom assets (some graciously provided by members of the RPGM community, some hand crafted by yours truly.)
  • A unique soundtrack unlike ANY OTHER.
  • A D V A N C E D   D A R K N E S S   (by terrax)
  • An ease into gameplay and mechanics for those unfamliar with the engine, and a challenging progression to keep things fun!
  • love.


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SpookyPenguin1.2.zip 235 MB
SpookyWindow1.2.zip 194 MB

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I'd absolutely love to play this for my itty bitty Twitch channel! If that is okay? I'm trying to break away from just making  a game to sharing other games  from the community.

Go for it. Let me watch!

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Spoiler i guess idk, 

Imma be totally honest this game was an amazing experience for what it was, and I love how everything was implemented and well thought out, but the ending was a complete let down.

Even if this was a joke-y type of game or not to be taken seriously or whatever, the part before the ending was a huge hype moment ngl. But once u defeat the human and talk to the boss/cat, u can escape and that's the end. I was hoping for some dialogue or something after defeating the boss but it's all the same and you just get a ton of experience points and weapons that are practically useless.

I hope isn't too critical. Lmk if i didn't do the ending right. 

Also the dead minotaur i think at the end turns into a bat sprite if you talk to it. So if u can, probably add direction fix to the event.

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Hey Ljay,
thanks for the feedback!

I can definitely see how the ending was disappointing. I'll work on replacing it with something more meaningful. I've had some ideas rolling around in my head for the ending but none of them felt sticky enough. I'm sorry I didn't commit to something better.

You did the ending right, but it sounds like a combination of bugs and poor development decisions impacted your experience.

Thanks for taking the time to play my game! I'll work to improve it for future play-throughs.

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Thanks for the reply and the experience with this game. I hope the finalized idea turns out great. All I can say is it was definitely worth playing, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. I look forward to seeing what other future projects or updates come out. Keep up the great work!